Saturday, June 4, 2022

June 2022

3-D Bow card or gift topper

 I have been seeing so many three-dimensional bow cards lately. I decided that we needed to be able to make them with our Cricut. I created a file and made a couple. I think they make great cards and will also work wonderfully as a gift topper. I will be doing some in Christmas paper for that purpose. Click on the "Card making" link on the right and find the file labeled "Bow Card". It is made from basic shapes and a free image so there is no cost to Create! (The flourishes on each side are from an Anna Griffin cut and emboss folder.)

Showing with and without the base layer

I also had several male-themed cards to make for June. I only got pictures of two of them. Most of the elements of those cards were not done with my Cricut. For the two I have pictures of, the inside verse and panels were done with my Cricut. I love Anna Griffin's embellishments for masculine-themed cards and that was my source for June’s cards. 


I love how you can create these intricate borders and then add your text. I did these as print then cut and think they came out very professional looking. 

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