Friday, February 4, 2022

February 2022 update


I am finally back to crafting. After a busy holiday season, my husband and I came down with COVID. We are very happy that it was a mild case for both of us and really felt like a head cold. (For those interested, we both have been vaccinated and I had received my booster.)

I am currently sewing some clothes and working on some new linen kitchen towels. If you have not tried linen towels, you may want to consider it. I purchase linen from For the kitchen towels and my hair towels, I check out their “doggie bag” pieces and then cut them to size and hem. Linen fabric naturally does not mildew and is very absorbent. When you live in a humid climate like southwest Florida, it is nice to have towels that don’t smell after just one day’s use.

I finished up my birthday cards for February and will be working on Valentine's
cards next. The card pictured was a mixture of methods. The base and front panel were cut with the Cricut. The “Happy Birthday”, the flower and leaves were die cut and the front panel was embossed, both with my Gemini Midi. The inside sentiment was stamped on a card insert. 

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Fonts that mimic Cricut writing fonts.

Fonts that Mimic Single-line fonts

I have seen several posts recently where people are looking for fonts that will “write” with the Cricut rather than tracing the outlines of the letters, leaving that bubbly look. I have created a list of fonts that mimic the look of a single-line font. That list can be accessed by finding the page list in the column to the left and clicking there. I hope it helps as you are working on your beautiful projects!