Monday, December 14, 2020

Last Minute Gifts


Merry Christmas! If you are like me, you are busy with preparations and last-minute gifts. I had wanted to get to this earlier, but other things took priority. Sorry for the delay, but I hope you feel it was worth the wait. I am posting the links to some little gift ideas today.

The first is a card that holds miniature candy bars. This makes such a cute Christmas card for those people you want to give just a little bit more than a card only. I have used this design for Christmas, Easter, Thank you cards, and Halloween. 

Have fun and please share pictures if you use my file.  (Click on the card making link to the left and you will find the Cricut file towards the bottom of the list.)

This design is great to hang on the Christmas tree with 2 full-size candy bars or to give as a small gift. It is another design that works year-round depending on the colors and patterns you use. Have fun and please share pictures if you use my file.