Embossing/Die Cutting Machines


This post/file is to discuss the different embossing & die-cutting machines. I would love you to add your comments, thoughts, and info on the machines that you have. If you have a machine that is not already in the document, please feel free to comment with the info.  Please comment on your experiences and thoughts on the machines, what you love about it, why and what you feel is a drawback, if any.

·         Sizzix Big Shot: I have this machine. They currently have 8 different sizes, styles, configurations. Mine is the regular Big Shot. I like that the shims are all in one and the directions on what combination to use are printed right there. The cutting plates seem to last a good long time. They are not costly to replace, right now a set of two is $9 on Amazon. It is portable, takes dies and folders up to 6” wide. Measures approximately 14 1/4" x 12 3/8" x 6 5/8". My only issue with this is the fact that you have to manually crank the plates through the machine (which can be difficult if you have hand or wrist issues).

·         Crafter’s Companion Gemini: I have the full size in this machine and purchased it when it first aired on HSN. I have always found that Crafter’s Companion has quality products and this one has not disappointed me. This machine takes the very largest of dies and embossing folders with the plates measuring 9” x 12 1/2”. You can also use the plates for the Gemini Junior in this machine. The cutting plates and shims tend to bend and need replacing more frequently due to the high level of pressure the machine places on them as they go through. You need to be aware of the different sandwich configurations and often try a few starting with not enough pressure and working up to extend the life of your plates. This is an electric machine so you just slide the plates in and it does the work. The biggest complaint I have heard is the life span of the cutting plates and shims. They are a big more costly with the cutting plates running just under $12 each on Amazon. The junior plates are less, as they are smaller. They are currently are $10 each.

·         Crafter’s Companion Gemini Junior

·         Crafter’s Companion Go

·         Anna Griffin Empress

·         Anna Griffin Empress Mini

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