Friday, July 8, 2022

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Let’s chat a little about the advertising you see on these pages and affiliate links.

First, the advertising. The ads are placed by a company that pays me for allowing them to do so. It isn’t much for my little blog, but it pays for the domain name so I can maintain it at no cost to me. I do not approve or necessarily recommend the merchants that are advertised.

Now, Affiliate links. These are links to merchandise and suppliers that I personally use and/or believe in. If you shop through one of my affiliate links, it costs you nothing. However, I receive a small percentage of the sale as a commission. This helps offset some of my costs for materials and allows me to keep doing what I do. If I start to generate enough from the affiliate links, I will remove the advertising from the blog. I find it as irritating as I am sure you do. I think it sometimes makes it confusing, especially when you are viewing the blog on a device. So please hang in there and if you shop with one of my recommended merchants, click through my links. I appreciate it and you! I will add a page with my affiliate links and I am adding them to the side panel on the right of the blog. On your device, if you scroll down and click on "View web version", you will see the links.  Happy Crafting!

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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Picture Folio and Storage Box

Picture Folio and Box

 I have been working for a few weeks to complete this project and the video. I created new DS files and altered a couple of existing ones. The exciting thing is that I am done! A friend sent me this idea and I really loved it. I have so many planned now. I made a single folio for my husband for Father’s Day. Then I did another for my niece with pictures from preparing for her wedding. I got the big idea that I should also do one for the wedding and then one for the reception. Now I needed a way to group them all together. Then I created the box. Now I want one with dog pictures, oh and then ones with pictures from different camping trips, oh and gifts…!!!! There are just so many uses for these cute little books. Holding anywhere from 8 to 18 pictures (or more), they can tell a story in such little space and in a unique way.

There are several files. The first is for the Picture Folio itself. Then there is a file for the Gatefold insert and one for the accordion pull-out. Lastly there is the file for the box I would love to see what you create with these files. Please share in my Facebook groups. and

To find the files, just click on the link for Cricut Projects and Resources in the left-hand column or click here    

Picture Folio Rose

Picture Folio Green

Gate Fold Insert

Picture Folio Box

Accordion Pull Out