Fonts that mimic writing style for Cricut

I have been working on a list of fonts that can be downloaded for free (for personal use). I have tested some of these, others I have not. So please test them before using on your ginal project. These are all from When you download them and install them on your computer, you can use them in DS. Because they are so narrow, they will not have that “bubbly” look that most downloaded fonts do. Some you may need to use a marker with to get that single line look, others will work fine with one of the pens. I will continue to add to this as I find more. However, if you just start looking on Dafont, I am sure you will find a bunch too. If you find some that you like, please comment with their name on this post. It will live here in the files, so you can reference it when you need it.

· Always Here

· Avenir Condensed Hand

· Camelot DeNada

· Europe Underground

· Fun Things

· High Thin Light

· Monoline

· Bordershine Monoline

· Cutstyle Monoline

· Christmas Wish Monoline

· Signature Monoline

· Bridal Shower Monoline

· Live Laugh Love

· Milton One

· Milton Two

· Montepetrum

· Rawengulk

· Rosewater

· Simply Line

· Simply City

· Simply Lin

·Simply Glamorous

· September Mornings

· Stymie Stylus

· Sweetly Broken

· Thin font (by Gabriel De loannes Becker)

· Thin Fingers

· Think Cosmic

· PW Xtra Thin

· Scary Thin

· Bumble Bee Thin

· Positive thinking

· Billy’s Hand Thin

· B Luda Piena

· Baby Boss

· Baby Lexi

· Badass

· Badruden Script

· Bad Taste

· Bahira Script

· Baldive

· Baliland

· Ballroom

· Baenes

· Baltimore

· Baltigo

· Barcelony

· Barefoot Blue Jean night

· Barista Script

· Barosaki Script

· Bastille

· Batavia Glamore Script

· BD Calais

· BD Marseille

· BD Paris

· BD Rouen

· BD Toulouse

· Beatrise

· Beatrix

· Beatrix Antiqua

· Beatrix Signature

· Beautiful Creatures



  1. Are you supposed to be able to click on them? Not working for me.

    1. I think you need to go to and download them.

    2. Lynn, I am not sure why you comment didn't show until Lora repied. Most of these fonts are free on These are not links to those fonts. I hope that clears up your question.

    3. Thank you so much for sharing!! I did notice that the Simply Glamorous font clicked through. Don’t know if you run the blog yourself or have help. Would be great to have a few more hyperlinks, but now I’m just getting greedy!!

  2. Thank you Cindy for this list!