Thursday, November 12, 2020

Christmas Advent Calendar


Hello and welcome to those who are new to my blog! Over the next week I will be posting some fun Christmas ideas including the files to create them with your Cricut.

Today I am sharing an Advent Calendar that I designed two years ago. The two I created have gone through two seasons and are ready to be filled for this year. I am just trying to come up with new ideas for my husband’s. The file is posted on the "Other Files" page and there is a video on my YouTube channel on how this is made. Please share pictures if you create on for someone you love.

A busy week of card making, sewing & embroidery!


I have been home for just over a week and I have been busy. My first order of business was to create a second birthday card for my dear husband as he was not able to travel with me for the wedding and his birthday was while I was away. (NY State required me to quarantine for two weeks since I was traveling from Florida.) 

The next project was my Christmas cards. I set my mind to getting them complete and ready to mail. I was quite surprised as I created the 3 samples, choose the one I was going to go with and finished them all inside of 3 days!

 I saw this beautiful design for a hair towel and I had to give it a try. I ordered some nice cotton towel, (like a heavy flour sack towel), and when they arrived, I stitched one up. I tried it on my hair and loved it So I stitched up several more to give as Christmas gifts. This is a Sonia Showalter design.

While my embroidery machine was running, I stitched up some new masks for myself and my sister. I will be doing several more over the next few weeks. I have some fabric and printed panels, including Christmas ones to stitch up.