Monday, December 14, 2020

Last Minute Gifts


Merry Christmas! If you are like me, you are busy with preparations and last-minute gifts. I had wanted to get to this earlier, but other things took priority. Sorry for the delay, but I hope you feel it was worth the wait. I am posting the links to some little gift ideas today.

The first is a card that holds miniature candy bars. This makes such a cute Christmas card for those people you want to give just a little bit more than a card only. I have used this design for Christmas, Easter, Thank you cards, and Halloween. 

Have fun and please share pictures if you use my file.  (Click on the card making link to the left and you will find the Cricut file towards the bottom of the list.)

This design is great to hang on the Christmas tree with 2 full-size candy bars or to give as a small gift. It is another design that works year-round depending on the colors and patterns you use. Have fun and please share pictures if you use my file.  


Thursday, November 12, 2020

Christmas Advent Calendar


Hello and welcome to those who are new to my blog! Over the next week I will be posting some fun Christmas ideas including the files to create them with your Cricut.

Today I am sharing an Advent Calendar that I designed two years ago. The two I created have gone through two seasons and are ready to be filled for this year. I am just trying to come up with new ideas for my husband’s. The file is posted on the "Other Files" page and there is a video on my YouTube channel on how this is made. Please share pictures if you create on for someone you love.

A busy week of card making, sewing & embroidery!


I have been home for just over a week and I have been busy. My first order of business was to create a second birthday card for my dear husband as he was not able to travel with me for the wedding and his birthday was while I was away. (NY State required me to quarantine for two weeks since I was traveling from Florida.) 

The next project was my Christmas cards. I set my mind to getting them complete and ready to mail. I was quite surprised as I created the 3 samples, choose the one I was going to go with and finished them all inside of 3 days!

 I saw this beautiful design for a hair towel and I had to give it a try. I ordered some nice cotton towel, (like a heavy flour sack towel), and when they arrived, I stitched one up. I tried it on my hair and loved it So I stitched up several more to give as Christmas gifts. This is a Sonia Showalter design.

While my embroidery machine was running, I stitched up some new masks for myself and my sister. I will be doing several more over the next few weeks. I have some fabric and printed panels, including Christmas ones to stitch up.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Wedding preparations


I was away for a few weeks to assist with the preparations for my niece’s wedding. It was a wonderful time with family. My niece had put together a beautiful assortment of gorgeous silk flowers (they looked real!) from which I created her bouquet and the ones for her attendants. In addition, we used them to decorate the church for the ceremony.

I also had the honor of making the bride's veil. Her dress was so stunning. Have you ever seen a train more gorgeous!?

My great-niece was the flower girl, and I made her dress and the bow for her hair. She was adorable!

Prior to leaving home, I had made masks for the entire wedding party to match the dresses and tuxedos. I was so happy to be a part of this process!

This was the bride’s mask. 

The blue masks were for the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom. 

Monday, September 21, 2020


I have been busy getting some masks made, towels embroidered and reorganizing my craft room. Since I do so many different crafts, I have a ton of supplies and equipment. It is crucial to keep it all organized and neat so I can find things when I want them. My room is also quite small for all that I have so I have to be diligent at organization.

Today I added a link to a basic 6” x 6” card envelope on the card making page. I have a video on YouTube that explains how to resize your envelopes so if this is not the size you need, head over to YouTube where you can learn how to adjust the size to meet your needs.  

Tuesday, September 8, 2020


I have been away from this for a few weeks. I have been very busy with things for an upcoming wedding, face masks, and some embroidery projects that needed to be finished. I will share a few pictures on the Machine Embroidery, Sewing and Quilting Page.

I had a special request for the file for my number cards. This is a fun card to create for those special number birthdays and anniversaries. You will also want to check out the video on how to put these cards together. 

Number Cards

To find the file, go to the link on the left-hand side of this page labeled “Card Making”. Scroll down until you come to the file named “Number Cards” Have fun and I would love to see what you create!

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Basic card Bases & Envelopes

Today I added a couple of fun cards as well as a basic 4.25” x 5.5” card base and a 5” x 7” card base. These both have layers that you can use or delete. These should help new card makers get started with the basics. Just open the file from the link on the Cardmaking page (see the column to the left). Then you can add your words, embellishments and decorate it right there on your canvas.

I also added some files for envelopes for your cards. To change the size of the envelope to meet your needs, group all of the parts of the envelope. Then insert a square and resize it to the size of your card. Now go to the envelope grouping and unlock the proportions (that little lock thing). Place the square over the center portion of the envelope and then adjust the envelope size to accommodate that card. I also have given you the link to my video on resizing envelopes.

There are also several free envelope designs available in Design Space.

The video on resizing envelopes is here: Resizing Envelopes in DS

The Impossible Card

This card is called the impossible card. It is truly a fun card that will have everyone guessing on how you made it from one sheet of paper. It looks difficult, but it is quite easy. I have a video on how to create this card on my YouTube channel. Just search “impossible card”


Pop-out Card

As you probably know by now, I love dimension when creating cards. This design folds flat in your envelope and then pops out and will stand with a dimensional presentation.

This design uses the font "Base Camp". If you do not own this font, you can easily change it to one that you own or a system font and then create this card for no cost. 

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Back Panel for Tuxedo Card

The other day I shared the tuxedo card and box, but I forgot that you probably want to add a sentiment to the back of your beautiful card. This is the file for the back. It is layered to give you that consistent appearance. Just enter your desired sentiment and let the Cricut do the writing. You could also add an image and utilize the print then cut feature.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Tuxedo Card Box

To compliment my favorite card, the Tuxedo card, I created a presentation box. The presentation box is sized for the tuxedo card and has the option of a preview window with acetate or a solid top. It truly makes a stunning presentation for this special card. Enjoy!!

Card Presentation Boxes


Many times, our beautiful cards need a little more than an envelope to keep them safe. This file is for a 4” x 6” and a 5” x 7” card box that are 1” deep. You choose the size, delete the one you are not using and the words. Then you are all set to create a lovely box to present your beautiful card in. If you do not wish to add the mats and layers, just ungroup, and delete those as well.

The Design Space file has a picture of the tuxedo box, but these two do NOT have the window opening like this box. You could certainly cut an opening in the top by inserting a shape and attaching. Then just cut a piece of acetate slightly larger to glue to the inside of the lid. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Bikini Card


The bikini card is so much fun. It can be used for birthdays, pool party invitations, lingerie shower card or invitation, or just for fun! This card was for a 40th birthday and she just was promoted at work!




Thursday, July 23, 2020

Tuxedo Card

This card is my all-time favorite. I have made this card for many occasions and the recipients have always been extremely impressed with it. Honestly, it is not a difficult card and you can choose how you wish to decorate it. I think of it as similar to the pop-up box card.  

Tri-Fold Shutter Card

The tri-fold shutter card gives you plenty of opportunities to embellish and add sentiments to a very impressive card.

Shadow Box Card

This shadow box style card was created to be used with a 4 ¼”die-cut inserted in the center as you see in the picture. However, you could do so many things with this. Think about using velum or acetate in that window with an elegant or fun design. Or just leave it plain so you can see the inside of the card. Either way, give this one a try. It is sure to impress.  

There is also a 1" deep box file that can be used as a presentation box for this card. 

Side step card

 The side step card gives you a little more room on one side for embellishments or sentiments and you still have that unique stepped look. The folds will be front to back – Mountain, Valley, Mountain, Valley, Mountain.  

Basic Gatefold Card


This basic gatefold card is a wonderful base to use for die-cutting the edges and creating a fun or elegant card.

Center Step Card


This is the center step card. I will try to remember to update with a picture of a finished card, but with this picture, you can see the folds and hopefully get some ideas on how you will use it. The folds starting at the front will be mountain, valley, mountain, valley, mountain.

Diagonal Fold Card


The diagonal fold card looks more difficult than it is. Download the file and start creating this fun card today!

Waterfall Card

This is a more complex card and there is a video on my YouTube channel for how to create this design. This is the Waterfall Card. I have made several versions of this card and it never fails to impress.

Gatefold Cards

This is a file for 2 versions of a gatefold card. The double fold center open card is great for more formal situations whereas the diagonal fold one is so much fun. (Gatefold Cards)

Corner Insert Card

This is the corner insert card. I have created one that is blank so you can insert any text you wish. Just remember to use a stencil type font so the letters stay attached. (Corner Insert Card (blank). I also have shared the file which contains the two cards pictured here. (Happy Birthday/Thoughtful Card)

Endless Fold Card

The endless card design is a fun card to create and decorate. It works for every occasion and will have the recipient wondering how you did it. There is a YouTube video on my channel detailing how to put this one together.

Multiple updates to blog

As I work on this, you will see several new posts. Hopefully, they will help you navigate this blog and make it a useful tool for you. I am adding additional pages for information that you will want to visit from time to time. I have added a page for fonts that mimic writing in Cricut Design Space as well as one on Embossing and Die-cutting machines. Between the pages of this blog and my YouTube channel, I am hoping to create a place where you can find the info you need. Again, please let me know what else I should add.

Pop-up box card with your Cricut

Today I posted the Cricut Design Space file for this pop-up box card. It is a fun card to create and decorate for any occasion. To find this file, click on the Card Making link in the left-hand panel.  

After a very long hiatus, I am back

I have decided to put my focus here and direct my Facebook followers here for the resources they are seeking. I have updated the pages to one that is focused on sewing, quilting, and embroidery; one for Cricut cards; one for creating with Cricut; one for recipes; and lastly one for personal stuff. You can check out the discussion here and click on the page that you are interested in. Please comment, share and stop back frequently for the latest updates, files, etc.