Friday, January 15, 2021

Sherri's Quilt


A new quilt is in process. About 6 months ago, I purchased a mid-arm quilting/sewing machine and a quilting frame. I started using the machine immediately and have fallen in love. I had forgotten how wonderfully and consistent a mechanical machine sews. Since this is a straight stitch only machine, I am now on the hunt for a mechanical multi-stitch machine much like this one. I purchased this machine used so it is a few years old, but works great and has the features I was most interested in. It has the needle up/down option, a large reverse lever, a needle threader, and a thread cutter.

When I finish this quilt top, I will set up the frame, put my machine on the carriage and do some test quilting before loading this quilt on to finish it. I have always quilted on my regular sewing machine and am looking forward to working on a frame.

I don’t know the name of this pattern so I am calling it Sherri’s quilt since that is who I am making it for.  I saw an image of it a few years ago, saved it, and decided to make it. I have created a cutting file in Cricut to cut the fabrics. For this quilt, I cut mine with a rotary cutter and a mat since it wasted little fabric that way.

The link to the file will be on the other projects page. Just look in the column to the left to find the links. If you are interested in directions, just comment and I will add them.